Unravel the insidious crime

Detective is a group detective game where each team is expected to unravel a tricky crime in 2 hours of game time. A video from the crim, interrogations of suspects and a group of forensic doctors will help you with that.

You do not need any special knowledge, only logic, intuition, deduction and a bit of luck.

The game consists of 3 rounds of 30 minutes.

Round 1: Teams watch the video from the crime scene, obtain files for all suspects and supplementary materials for this case.

Round 2: Teams listen to audio recordings of interrogations of suspects and witnesses. Participants get acquainted with the additionally discovered details.

Round 3: We obtain the results of forensic doctors, summarize all the evidence

4. The animated video immediately reveals who the real criminal is.

5. Premium points are awarded to each team for the correctly stated name of the criminal and the accuracy of the determination of motives and evidence.


Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: at least 10

There is also an ONLINE VERSION of teambuilding “Detective” with a moderator in a live broadcast. PC and Internet are all you need to play.