Are you looking for an interesting venue and exciting activities for your teambuilding event?

Teambuilding in Endorfin

Modern venue, escape games, entertainment and a bar – an ideal space for your team building event.

Try one of our escape games TitanicMorgue I and Morgue II, Saw, Star Wars and Freddy Krueger or have fun with one of our entertaining team games Mad Head and Push & Play

Show that you can work as a team, be creative, and forget about all that you learned at school.

Not sure what to pick? Combine thrill and joy, exceptional food and great drinks, and get those endorphins going in your blood.

Of course we can provide the catering, a moderator or a DJ, or otherwise organize everything just the way you want it. The whole package can be used as an original assessment center, too.

We just want you to enjoy your time here and have fun!

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