Are you looking for an interesting venue and exciting activities for your teambuilding event?

Teambuilding in Endorfin

Our modern venue offers an ideal space for teambuilding and includes facilities for Escape Games, Grown-up Entertainment, and a well-stocked bar!

Try out one of our many Escape Rooms which are inspired by movies themes such as ‘Titanic’, ‘The Morgue’, ‘Saw’, ‘Star Wars’, and ‘Freddy Krueger’, or if you enjoy some fun for larger groups try our Mad Head games, Mafia, Detective and Push & Play.

At Endorfin, we believe that ‘The team that plays together – stays together’ so be creative, tear up the rule book, and do things your way!

Too much choice? Not sure what to select? – Combine exceptional food and beverage offerings with the thrill of our games and let the endorphins pumps through your blood vessels.

Our one-stop-shop solution can provide catering, a moderator and DJ, or a Guru of Good Fun. Alternatively, organize things your way and let us fill in the gaps. Our offerings can entertain or be incorporated into assessment and selection protocols.

We have a single goal – to provide sensational levels of entertainment where you can be at the center of a fabulous world of suspense.

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