Who will rule over the city?

MAFIA is a psychological team game with a detective theme in which two groups face each other – the organized minority (mafia) and the unorganized majority (civilians).
The main strengths of Mafia team games are that they connect your co-workers of different positions, ambitions, temperaments and gender at one table. This game really engages everyone by offering an opportunity to express each individual’s attitude and leadership qualities. Everyone has a role to play in MAFIA!

Why play?

  • The game teaches you to express your attitude and show leadership qualities
  • The game helps to create or strengthen work teams
  • The whole game is accompanied by a professional moderator
  • The game includes a stylish atmosphere and props that will fully draw you into the action

It’s played at the table. Roles are selected using special cards that the moderator deals randomly. The game consists of a “night” period, when the mafia kills and a “day”, when civilians try to find – Who’s who. The moderator announces all activities what happened at night (who died, whom the doctor treated, etc.). Dead players fall out of the game. During the day, players discuss which of them can be “dishonest” and involved in the mafia. The game continues until one of the clans wins – honest fellow citizens or the mafia.

MAFIA is the best program for?

Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 8-20
Dress code: “mafia”

It is also interesting to watch the game from the side. As a viewer you will see how your colleagues or friends play  (who is lying, manipulating, maneuvering under the circumstances).

Possibility of recording or live streaming