Push & Play

Be quicker!

Push & Play

If you snooze you lose! Don’t make a fuss – just BUZZ! The first on the buzzer gets the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in this fun game for groups and teams. The theme follows the popular principle of TV quiz shows such as Family Feud and Jeopardy. Challenging questions, logic tasks, and visual or music props! We can design a quiz to suit your requirement – just be fastest on the buzzer!

  • This is a dynamic program over several rounds with breaks.
  • There are always 2 teams competing against each other.
  • You can divide the players into teams by yourself, or entrust it to our moderator
  • Teams answer questions at the assigned place, ans as 1 round can last only 5 minutes, so teams take turns very quickly.
  • In total, we can entertain 4-6 teams of 4-7 actively involved players for 2 hours
  • However, the game is also fun for the spectators, for guests who do not directly participate in the game
  • An essential part of the game is humor based on the moderator’s interactions and dialogue with the players.

Push & Play is also useful as an additional program for escape games, with one part of the guests playing escape games and the other play Push & Play. In order to make the most of the game, we recommend that you include it in the later programme of the evening.


Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: at least 16