Mad Head Show

Have fun and build relationships in a team.

Mad Head Show

Mad Head is a novel ‘game show’ for teams where creativity, logic, and a big dose of good humour determine which team wins. Tasks can have a musical or visual theme or may require some other forms of team interaction. Whatever the endeavour you can be sure to have fun. These games help create a wonderful atmosphere with thrilling improvised entertainment. Games are hosted by our in-house professional moderator and our own ‘Guru of good fun’ DJ. You cannot help but have a great time!

The full version of the game lasts about 3 hours and consists of 4 rounds. The shortest vesrion can be made in 1.5 hours in 2 rounds. Questions in each round can be musical, visual, textual or interactive. However, always interesting and fun. Mad Head Show is not a quiz game, but a combination of different themed games.

NEW! Online teambuilding Mad Head Show

What makes the game unique?

  • age or physical condition does not matter the
  • special knowledge is not needed
  • broadens general horizons
  • helps identify a natural leader and reveal the unexpected talents of players
  • develops problem-solving skills in a short time
  • weld the team using a unique format
  • questions and tasks can be tailored to players


Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: at least 30