Want to celebrate in Endorfin? With a group of friends, a bar, escape games and a DJ you don’t need anything else.

Celebrate in Endorfin

Invite you circle of friends or your most cherished colleague for a one-of-a-kind birthday party, a celebration of work success, an engagement, or any significant event you wish to make memorable

In addition to our bar services, we have movie-inspired escape games. Choose from ‘Titanic’, ‘The Morgue’, ‘Saw’, ‘Star Wars’, and ‘Freddy Krueger’, or try them all! Alternatively, enjoy some fun for larger groups with our Mad Head games and Push & Play.

Great food makes for a great event and we can cater for your needs. Let our multilingual moderator host your special evening with a sound scape created by our own ‘Guru of Good Fun’ DJ.

Come along, raise a glass or two to celebrate your special occasion and enjoy an unforgettable party at Endorfin.

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